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Young mother package

6 days to learn to listen to your body and relax

Your baby is between 2 and 10 months, you are fulfilling but you want to free yourself of a post-pregnancy’s fatigue, a weight gain that is slow to fade, a lack of tone… You would need a boost to regain energy and vitality, provided you keep baby close in our nursery. We take care of you (two), the seaweed wrap (for you) the awakening massage (for him).


Between 2 and 6 months : 2 sessions of awakening massage « Shantala » or « Indian massage », offer the pleasures based on the exchange by touch, sight, speech to share with baby. The mother does stretches her baby to free his joints, develop his strength and suppleness. This oil massage nourishes and softens the skin, improves the baby’s and mom’s sleep.


 From 6 months : the baby and the mother are accompanied in water for 2 playful discovery  in aquatic environment.

In both cases, the father is welcome at sessions.


The advantages : 

The discovery in organic of Ayurvedic flavors at Restaurant Bio La Terrasse

– Baby equipment (beds, sheets, bottle warmer, changing mattress, highchair, bathtub) is lent on request.

– The daycare-nursery is open Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm.

The physiotherapy workshop with postural exercises in case of reduction of abdominal and perineum tension



24 treatments, 3 workshop “Special Young Mother” and 2 sessions of awakening massage  over 6 days  on alternating mornings and afternoons, from Monday to Saturday.

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